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InternetSecure First Internet Payment Provider to earn the WebTrust Seal

September 26, 2002 – InternetSecure Merchants and their Customers can now enjoy the added sense of security inherent with WebTrust Transaction Certification when purchasing on-line.

“This is yet another initiative by InternetSecure to increase consumer confidence and boost on-line sales for our merchants,” said Rick Nugent, Chairman & CEO, InternetSecure Inc.

The WebTrust Program is an international e-commerce trust program developed and managed jointly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

All InternetSecure Merchants will now display the WebTrust Seal during every on-line credit card transaction.

“InternetSecure has shown its leadership and concern for the success of its merchants by achieving the high standards of WebTrust Transaction Integrity”, says Robert Gold, managing partner of Bennett Gold Chartered Accountants ( “Every InternetSecure merchant benefits from the high visibility and global recognition of the WebTrust Seal. Customers of those merchants benefit from the knowledge that their credit card transaction has met the high standards of WebTrust”.

The WebTrust Seal of assurance was provided to InternetSecure Inc. following an independent audit by Bennett Gold Chartered Accountants, a licensed provider of WebTrust services.

WebTrust Transaction Integrity combines high standards for e-commerce activities and assurance that Internet Secure executes its credit card transactions in conformity with its stated practices, and maintains controls to provide reasonable assurance that those transactions are processed completely, accurately, and in conformity with its disclosed business practices.

This evidence builds trust and confidence among consumers and businesses conducting business over the Internet. By demonstrating compliance with WebTrust criteria, InternetSecure has earned the right to display the WebTrust Seal of Assurance.

For more information, click the WebTrust Seal below.


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