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InternetSecure Announces On-line Smart Chip Card Acceptance for Canadian Merchants

January 9, 2002 - InternetSecure is pleased to announce the availability of an additional payment type for our Canadian merchants. InternetSecure is the first Canadian payment processor to offer this service. Effective immediately, all InternetSecure Canadian merchants can accept "LockIt™ from American Express" transactions on their payment pages. LockIt™ employs smart card technology based on the EMV (European MasterCard & Visa) smart card standard and is proven by American Express in markets around the world. There is no effort required by InternetSecure merchants to enable this technology. It is simply an additional payment type on your payment pages hosted by InternetSecure.

Availability of Smart Card Technology for Canadian Consumers
Canadians will now have the ability to use the smart card technology when shopping online, through a new smart card that will be offered by CIBC and American Express. The "CIBC entourage American Express Card", which was announced earlier today, is the first smart chip card available nationally in Canada. One of the features of this card is that it provides additional security for cardholders and merchants alike. A smart card reader, which attaches to the cardholders personal computer, is available with the card. When the customer wishes to purchase online, they simply visit your website as they do today. Your customer then has the option to perform a secure online transaction with LockIt™ or choose any of the other standard card types including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and standard American Express Cards. With a LockIt™ transaction, your customer never has to enter their credit card number. InternetSecure technology detects the smart card reader and your customer is prompted to enter a smart chip password. The card and password are authenticated directly by American Express during the transaction.

InternetSecure Merchant Benefits
"The increased security this card provides cardholders will increase consumer confidence and boost on-line sales", says Rick Nugent, Chairman & CEO, InternetSecure Inc. "For our Canadian dollar merchants, this type of transaction is viewed as being similar to a "card present or swiped transaction", eliminating any risk of charge-back to the merchant, by the cardholder stating they did not order the product or service." We are pleased to be able to offer this new card technology to our valued merchants and are committed to continuously providing leading edge technologies that encourage the success of our online merchants. If you have any questions, please contact us at: or by phone at 1-800-297-9482.


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