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InternetSecure Merchants Experience the Lowest Fraud Rate in the Industry

Internet-based businesses have long been at greater financial risk simply because the nature of their business necessitates payment in a non-face-to-face environment.

For 8 years, businesses using InternetSecure's services have benefited from the fraud detection and risk management features that InternetSecure provides.

For InternetSecure clients that fraud rate has never been lower! Combine ongoing security features with the latest initiatives such as Verified by Visa and businesses using InternetSecure's services experience less than 1/10th of a percent (0.10%) "chargeback" rate. This compares to industry fraud rates as high as 4% to 15%!

That means 80% of the businesses we service, will NEVER receive a chargeback. For about 20%, they may only see 1 chargeback in the entire lifecycle of their business. Even then, InternetSecure works with the merchant to defend the chargeback with the goal of reversal.

What is a chargeback?
A chargeback occurs when a customer contacts the financial institution that issued their credit card to dispute a charge to that card. The bank then issues a chargeback (sometimes in the form of a "clear copy request") which means that the funds for the sale are deducted from the merchant's bank account. The business does have the opportunity to defend the chargeback, but until recently it was very difficult for businesses doing non-face-to-face transactions.
InternetSecure's fraud detection and risk management features, including Verified by Visa for all merchants, minimizes the risk of chargebacks for businesses conducting non-face-to-face transactions.

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