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Introducing CVV2 - Free New Security Feature!

We are pleased to announce a new enhancement to InternetSecure's industry leading fraud detection capabilities to further reduce "Chargebacks".

This OPTIONAL security feature, called "CVV2" for Visa and "CVC2" for MasterCard provides another means to confirm that the Cardholder is who they say they are.

Similar to a "PIN" number, this program helps to ensure that the rightful cardholder is entering his or her own credit card number when purchasing from a website. It validates that the customer has the card in his/her possession since the 3 digit (CVV2 or CVC2) number is only visible, in print, on the back of their card. It is not embossed on the card like the normal card number.

Your customers will be prompted to enter their CVV2/CVC2 number and will be presented with a graphical image to ensure they can find the number on their card. If they enter a number that does not match, the transaction is declined.

Interested? Contact Merchant Services to activate this free option on your account.

Questions? Contact Credit and Risk to discuss how CVV2 might benefit your business.

Are you only accepting ONE Currency?
Contact us today about the value of adding Canadian and/or US dollars to your credit card options!

Industry Reports of Security Breaches -
How does it impact your business?

Two reports of personal information security breaches have received a great deal of media attention in recent weeks.
The first report was related to a missing hard drive in Western Canada containing personal information on over 180,000 clients of Co-operators Life Insurance Co. and Investors Group. The second report, just out this week dealt with a "hacker" that compromised the credit card numbers stored by a US-based transaction processor.

This type of media coverage can make your customers hesitant to provide their credit card information to complete a purchase.

What Can You Do?
As an InternetSecure Merchant, you and your customers can feel confident in the knowledge that:

  • As the merchant, you never have access to credit card numbers

  • InternetSecure follows the stringent Best Practices of the Visa Account Information Security Program, which encompasses the highest level of physical and technical security for customer data

  • Card numbers are encrypted and stored in such a way that it is not possible for hackers or even physical theft to compromise cardholder information.

Be sure to have the InternetSecure Certified Merchant Logo on your site and let your customers know their personal information is secure!


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